Brynne Smirk III.JPG

[pronounced: brawn-win]


Brangwynne Purcell is an artist/writer living & working in North Vancouver, Canada.

Born & raised in New York, this is where she earned her degree in fine art & creative writing, with concentrations in ceramics & photography. She went on to study bookbinding & paper arts at The Philadelphia School of the Arts, before setting off for the wiles of the Devon coast in England. She now calls Canada home & has lived on the coast of British Columbia for twenty years.

Paper, paint & words are Brangwynne’s primary source of inspiration & her preferred mediums.

Marrying the past with the present she incorporates found objects, old texts & discarded paper ephemera alongside fresh, glittering gilt and newly hand-built books & assemblages. These works are defined by their delicate intricacies & ethereal qualities. They are small in scale, creating a forced intimacy between each piece & the viewer, as if the two are sharing a secret.

Her painting however is something altogether different. Exploiting the abstract, she endeavours to elicit an immediacy of emotion & response through the use of broad strokes & colour with her paintings.. This art practice was born out of a necessity to explore her work spontaneously & without restraint. A complete departure from her paper pieces.